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McIntyre spent twenty-years as a television/screen writer and producer and was so successful he’s now in radio. Doug did manage to eke out a living writing for the hit series Married… with Children, WKRP in Cincinnati, Mike Hammer—Private Eye, and the critically acclaimed PBS series, Liberty’s Kids, which earned Doug a Humanitas Prize nomination for excellence in television writing. He didn’t win. Together with Penny Peyser, Doug wrote, produced, and directed the award winning film: Trying to Get Good: the Jazz Odyssey of Jack Sheldon, something he never shuts up about.

Prior to hosting McIntyre in the Morning with Terri-Rae Elmer, Doug hosted the national version of Red Eye Radio, a show he originally created on KABC back in 2000.

Doug has appeared on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect over a dozen times, as well as, Real Time on HBO, The History Channel, the FOX News Channel’s, The O’Reilly Factor as well as multiple CNN broadcasts. He was a regular member of the Varsity Panel on CNBC’s Dennis Miller and wrote and performed his own segment, Under the Radar.

McIntyre is also a published author, having written for American History Illustrated, LA JAZZ Scene, the L.A. Times, The Connecticut Post as well as many other periodicals, His book, Cheap Advice, was published by Time/Warner Books in 1995 and he is the twice weekly page one columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News. In 2010 he was named “Best Columnist” by the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

Doug is married to actress Penny Peyser (The In-Laws, The Frisco Kid, Rich Man, Poor Man, Crazy Like a Fox, All the President’s Men) and is a proud stepfather of two boys, both of whom can kick his ass.

Year after year McIntyre has been selected as one of the “most popular” and “admired” hosts in the annual LARadio.com poll, which is kind of like being the tallest building in Tarzana. The radio trade magazine Talkers ranks McIntyre among the top hosts in the business. In 2009, his alma mater, Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts named McIntyre “Alumnus of the Year”, which tells you what kind of year Stonehill must have had.


leeann02Leeann Tweeden

Leeann Tweeden BioLeeann Tweeden is a television/radio host, sportscaster and model. Her career in television has spanned over decades. For the past two years, Leeann co-hosted LA Today with Roggin & Tweeden on AM570 LA Sports Radio. The show was on Monday through Friday from 12noon-3pm PST.   AM570 is co-owned by iHeart Media & the Los Angeles Dodgers. Leeann is frequently asked to appear on TV shows as a social & political commentator. Over the years, she has appeared as a regular on Hannity (Fox News), Dr. Drew (HLN), Red Eye (Fox News) and Good Day LA (Fox 11, KTTV). Leeann is currently on hiatus from her popular podcast with partner Dana Commandatore called Tomboys. Guests have included Michael Strahan, Gene Simmons of KISS, Tom Arnold, Dr. Drew, Julie Benz & Kelly Slater. From 2012-2013, she co-hosted UFC Tonight on FOX SPORTS 1.

Along with former fighters Chael Sonnen & Kenny Florian, the show covered the weekly news of the highly popular Ultimate Fighting Championship & other mixed martial art fighters. Leeann worked all through her pregnancy and finally left the show when she had her first child. In 2011, Leeann co-achored Good Day LA beside veteran broadcaster, Steve Edwards. She also hosted Angels Weekly and contributed to Angels Live for Fox Sports West for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team that season. For over four years, Leeann was the host of NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship and the popular late night show, Poker After Dark, which aired six days a week. (Currently, you can find re-runs of Poker After Dark on the NBC Sports Network).

Poker was not a new venture for Leeann, as she was a co-host on the Mansion Poker Dome Challenge on FSN in 2006. Before moving to NBC, the award-winning sportscaster could be seen on Fox Sports and was one of the first females to host two different action sports shows for the network, BlueTorch and 54321. She’s appeared on the talk shows Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Craig Kilborn Show and has done many radio appearances on Loveline and Adam Corolla. She even had her own racing column in Stuff Magazine. She’s often invited on news shows such as Your World with Neil Cavuto, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch & Scarborough Country.In January 2002, Leeann became a cast member on FSN’s The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

leeann01This occurred after originally coming on as a guest, thus solidifying her in the world of mainstream sports. She frequently appeared on the panel with host and comedian Tom Arnold, as well as ex-pro athletes such as Michael Strahan, John Kruk, and John Salley.  While appearing on this show, Leeann flew with the Navy’s Blue Angels and skydived with the Army’s Golden Knights. She learned what it was like to be a professional bull rider and rodeo clown. She spent time at various NFL training camps learning how to play different positions from the pros, and with MLB’s best at Spring Training learning to throw a curve ball and playing the ‘hot corner’. She’s covered the Daytona 500 numerous times, as well as many Superbowls, World Series, and the Kentucky Derby. She also had her weekly Best Damn Insider segment that covered the inside worlds of sports and entertainment.

In 2005, Leeann moved part-time to Charlotte, NC to host the NASCAR lifestyle show NASCAR Nation on SPEED. She was hired for this show due to her racing background and insight into the sport. While there, Leeann proudly filmed a public service announcement warning teens against the perils of drunk driving.  Leeann has used her celebrity status to help promote various causes including The USO, The Boot Campaign, The Achilles Team of Wounded Veterans, breast cancer research, The Special Olympics, and charities tohelp the children of fallen service members. She has done 16 USO Tours around the world and has gone overseas to the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, to visit the troops on 14 different occasions.

This includes almost every Thanksgiving or Christmas since the attacks on 9/11. She’s traveled numerous times with Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Kid Rock, Gary Sinise, Wayne Newton, John Elway, Matt Lauer and multiple Chairmans of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, among others. She is a frequent visitor to Walter Reed, Brooke Army Medical Center and the Center for the Intrepid to visit with our wounded warriors. This is something close to her heart as she’s a military wife and her father was an Air Force chiefmechanic who served in Vietnam. The VFW awarded Leeann their 2011 Hall of Fame Award for her ‘outstanding contribution to America’s Armed Forces in the form of entertainment.’

In 2008 and from the recommendation of friend Gary Sinise, The USO of Illinois presented Leeann with the Heart of a Patriot award for her work entertaining the troops.  In 2011, Leeann and local California businessman William Snell started their own non-profit organization called Heroes & Patriots, to help wounded warriors and military families in need. Go to www.heroesandpatriots.net for more information. Leeann was born and raised in the Washington, DC suburb of Manassas, Virginia. Her dad and brother raced cars and go-karts while growing up and her uncle was a track announcer.

You could say she was born into a racing family. Leeann graduated from high school in 3 years at the age of 16. Instead of going straight to college, Leeann wanted to follow her dreams of moving to Hollywood and giving modeling and showbiz a shot. She packed up her bags and did so at the age of 18. Once there, she was soon cast as a spokes model on Ed McMahon’s famous talent show, Star Search, launching her television career.  Leeann also spent years modeling in Los Angeles before she auditioned for and beat out 30,000 other women for the ESPN workout show Fitness Beach. The program was the number one rated fitness show of its time according to the New York Times. Over the years, Leeann has been the focus of numerous magazine covers and articles that range from health and fitness, to lifestyle, to popular men’s magazines like Maxim, FHM and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Leeann currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband who is a pilot with United Airlines and the California Air National Guard.  They have two young children, a boy and a girl.


randywangRANDY WANG

Randy Wang’s name is not actually Randy Wang but it’s so similar it might as well be. An L.A. native, Randy has been in radio for 9 years, working with Adam Carolla, Tim Conway Jr., Brian Whitman and now Doug McIntyre, which indicates two things, A.) Darwin was wrong and B.) He can’t hold a job. In addition to working the board, he also co-hosts The Pretty Good Podcast with Gina Grad.

Randy enjoys food, binge watching TV, listening to Talk Radio, food, travel and more food. Yes, this is a cheap fat joke.

When he was exercising and eating right, Randy participated in a 60 mile bike ride. When smoking pot and eating unhealthy, he participated in a 50 McNugget challenge. 5 years ago he idiotically got his name tattooed on his shoulder and now uses it as a second form of I.D.

He has a cat and claims to have a girlfriend although none of us have ever actually seen her.


billthomasBILL THOMAS – Traffic


Bill Thomas handles traffic on the 4s with Doug and T-Rae and every afternoon, he’s seen and heard at ABC-7 TV as an airborne news reporter.  A licensed airplane and helicopter pilot, Bill has also logged less than 1300 hours as pilot in command of the Space Shuttle (zero will always be less than 1300). Bill has marketable skills and can walk away from McIntyre in the Morning anytime he wants, something he threatens to do at least three times a week.
Yet, he’s oddly fond of McIntyre which is why each morning at exactly 5:04, the program begins with Bill saying something kind, loving, caring and 100% somewhat true about Doug.

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 Christina Kelley

Christina Kelley is a fill-in news anchor with “McIntyre in the Morning.” She’s a broadcasting pro with a journalism degree and the ability to hear and name almost any hit song of the past 50 years in less than three seconds.


She’s originally from Cleveland where her family owned several restaurants. Because of this she knew how to bake a cake before she knew the alphabet. Her dad served in the Army, her favorite cousin was in the Air Force, and her mama, a successful big-band jazz singer who was a real-life “Rosie the Riveter” during WWII, is retired from the Department of Defense. Go Navy!


After a radio station manager literally pulled her audition tape out of a trash can and listened to it, Christina’s broadcasting career took off. She has hosted highly-rated music programs on stations that crushed their competitors in several cities including: Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Washington D.C.


Some of her favorite radio interviews include conversations with: Tina Turner, Ron Howard, Donna Summer, Patrick Swayze, Patti La Belle and George Clinton. As a politics junkie, she particularly enjoyed reporting on the 2016 presidential race. Her inner adrenaline junkie loved hosting a live “ride-along” video report during the opening of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Twisted Colossus” roller coaster. She has ridden more than 60 other roller coasters throughout the United States. Christina has a thriving voiceover business and has voiced projects for: NBC television, the U.S. Army, American Airlines Entertainment, the Raytheon Company, the World Health Organization and many others. Her TV hosting experience includes the UNCC telethon, the Soul Train Music Awards and a pilot for a top-secret show that she hopes will become a hit and pay for an Italian vacation. Or any vacation.


In her spare time Christina likes to ride horses, drive around without a map, chill-out at the beach, cook, eat at famous restaurants, watch classic movies, hang out with her dog, Atticus, and cheer for the Cleveland Indians as they almost, but not quite, win yet another World Series.


BEHIND THE SCENES—————————————


lesseigelLES SIEGEL – Booking Producer

Les Siegel has been with KABC radio in various capacities since 1986. We can’t believe it either.

He started as a producer for Dodger Talk and Sports Talk, working with hosts, Stu Nahan, Ross Porter, Al Downing, Steve Edwards, the memorable “Super Fan”, Ed Bieler. Les also wrangled guest hosts like Dodger legend, Steve Garvey, and current Clipper’s head coach, Doc Rivers.

Les “The Living Legend” Siegel says his fondest memory is of Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda screaming (off air) most of the 7 words you cannot say on TV or radio, but apparently you can say on the baseball diamond.

Les has worked with KABC luminaries Wink Martindale, Bill Smith, Ken and Bob, Al Rantel, Peter Tilden, Larry Elder and John Phillips. Somehow he missed out on Geraldo.

Les enjoyed his stints over the years as the station’s movie reviewer and insists the worst motion picture ever made is Disney’s John Carter.

Les graduated with a B.A. from Cal State Northridge and holds a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia College in Hollywood.

He lives in Encino with his 2 cats, Smokey, and Buddy, and a dog, Tye.

And YES ladies, Les is available.


TIM WINEBRENNER – Call Screener / Associate Producer


“Telephone” Tim Winebrenner has been Doug’s phone screener since 2013. A native of Oregon, Tim has a beard like every native of Oregon. Winebrenner has worked in radio for over 15 years, mainly because he’s not very good at anything else, which is how most people end up in radio. (FAST FACT: Marconi was trying to invent television but could never figure out the picture part.)

Tim has lived and worked all across the country, which sounds to us like he’s on the lam, but claims to be proud to call L.A. home. When not taking your phone calls Tim can be found caging smokes at local pool halls and cheering on his favorite sports teams, including the Kings, Dodgers, Galaxy, (that’s soccer) and the Oregon Ducks.

Tim takes the bus everywhere. Go figure.






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